First update!
Skip: Posted on 25 November 2014 20:58
G'day everyone! Her's my first blog update!
Workshop: Now getting ice cold in workshop,you guessed it a Barn built in 1833 say no more!
Dofygate Ltd: Ongoing R+D machining going well with new versions of the gate being developed,the latest being a multi bar carbon fiber deer gate.
Discovery2 Chassis Rails and X-members.
Between jobs i have managed to get 5 sets of Chassis rails and x-members welded   up ready for sale. Also put an add on the Discovery 2 boys club web site. Will also get some business cards made to hand out to Discovery 2 owners as i see them. Also developing some stainless steel head light protectors 15mm wide x 3mm thick for D2's. According to the D2 boys a lot are getting stolen and re-sold on various auction sites!!
That's all for now,

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Dave JEBSON on 27 November 2014 09:47
Hi mate, D2 Boys Club member here. I am just in awe of the quality of work you produce, not just for the Disco but across your whole range. I'll know where to come when I need to fettle my D2 chassis - have you got prices yet?
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Anonymous on 27 November 2014 20:05
G'day Dave, Thanks for the positive comments,a great way to start my first Blog. With regards to the prices the rails are 295.00 a set and the x-member is 170.00 but if you buy a kit it's 450.00 with about 25.00 post.I know you can get a set cheaper on ebay but not this lenght or guage,they are also reinforced throughout with ends caps meaning that once welded on they are a sealed unit. You know where to find me now Dave! thanks again, Skip

Andrew Whaley-Coates (grandadknows). on 28 January 2015 12:56
Hi Skip Love the service. Brilliant communications and business services. Really pleased to have made the choice to use RKD Machine Shop Services for my Discovery 2 TD5 chassis repairs. Hope the next time I am down in England I get the opportunity to meet you guys. I hope I can repay your goodwill someday. Wishing you all the best. Andy.
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Phil on 16 April 2015 08:59
Very impressed with the work that you do! A true craftsman
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Tony on 16 April 2015 22:13
Wow, you have some serious engineering skills!! Please could you post any youtube links of your work etc. This is fascinating stuff... I'm impressed!!!
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Mike on 02 August 2015 20:29
Hi Skip, It is such a nice change to talk to a true craftsman, who has the time to listen to your requirements and provide a first rate service. The drive hub of my Morgan 3 wheeler that you modified for me works a treat. A good job at a great price. Thanks...
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skip on 04 August 2015 13:44
Thanks Mike, Glad it all worked out with the Morgan! You know where i am if you want a test run! Skip 

200 Off s/s rings to be modified!

New job arriving today from Oxford S/S rings to be machined and radiussed off for you guessed it "health and safety".

Will update with photos.