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Serving all your conventional machining,R+D work,light fabrication,assembly work,mig and tig welding.

R.K.D machine shop services have been proudly servicing the greater U.K since 2006. I have developed a reputation of being easy to work with friendly and professional. My goals are safety, high quality engineering and on time delivery. I maintain an extensive quality assurance and control system to ensure that all the products I manufacture meet your high expectations and tight dead lines.
It's my goal to meet both industry and 1st class engineering standards for all the products I manufacture in the most efficient and economical manner possible.
I am time served in Conventional machining,milling,turning,drilling,boring also mig and tig welding along with fabrication,R+D work and are expert in these fields. 1 offs to medium batch work undertaken Mig and Tig,light Fabrication,specialising in R+D work.

Contract  CNC Turning and Milling now undertaken. Let me take all the hassle out of getting CNC work done to your deadline and standards using my close network of CNC contractors who do what they say when they say!!!

Contract Site work also. stick welding landings, balcanys large gate hinges etc.

R.K.D Machine shop services will help you with any job you have.....

Previous Work:

                        -32" Reflector Telescope 6.25 Ton now in Hawaii.

                        - 24" Dobsonian telescope.

                        - 10.25" Railway carriage frames and bogies.

                        -Telescope Dome (clam type) opening systems.(mechanical).

                        -LPG gas inlet mixers and fittings to suit your vehicle old and new.

                        -Crank rotors for SV1000 Suzuki

                        -Jigs and fixtures for heavy spinning tools eg port hole windows. 

                       -Various agricultural work also such as pins and bushes shafts etc.

                        -Sub contract CNC milling and turning now undertaken.

                         -Site welding large gate hinges also 2 free standing landings see gallery!


Current Work:

On going R+D work for DOFYGATE LTD , a new type of farm gate made from HD500 plastic,carbon fibre,303s/s and Aluminium. The gate is live and will shock when pushed by animals or humans,it is light and easy to pick up and more round to different parts of farms.

Line printer shafts.

Light Ally fabrication tig welded wall inserts.

Now taking on contract CNC turning and Milling.


Also developing Discovery 2 Land Rover rear chassis rails along with cross member to help keep the price down in keeping you discovery 2 on the road without having to re-chassis which can be expensive. View gallery for pics of rails and x-member.

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Sat: 8am-1pm.

Sun: Closed.
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or simply phone us on 07870140952. 


Just outside of Aylsham, Norfolk Nr11.